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Finest BMW Aircon Service - BMW Air Conditioning in Port Macquarie

Premium BMW aircon service in Port Macquarie

A listicle on maintaining your car’s air condition

  • If you have not used your car in a long time, make sure you run the air condition system for at least 10-15 minutes a week
  • Make sure the moisture is released and do not let it remain accumulated
  • In the beginning, switch on the air conditioner to the highest setting
  • The air conditioner in your car lowers the inner temperature for sure, however, primarily it is responsible for removing the humidity from the car
  • In winters, it is advisable to use your air conditioner to keep the fog away from the screen as to avoid impairment
  • You should recharge your aircon system every two years

We assure you, with Europort getting an excellent BMW aircon service is now easy. All you got to do is,

  • Book an appointment with us
  • Our BMW car experts will get in touch with you and schedule a meet as per your convenience
  • We got through your repair request and the mechanics that will be best able to dispense their services
  • When you come for the repair, you will be able to witness our marvellous service
  • We also ask you if you would want a logbook service with us
  • In this way, taking care of your car becomes our responsibility

So, what are you waiting for? Get your car to us and experience the best customer service that Europort has to offer to you and your car!

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